How does SmartBanq work?

we sell SmartBanqCoin (SMBQ) only if guaranteed with properties in the most beautiful and important cities in the world. This makes sure that they will not lose value. Then, the properties generate real estate income that is divided between all SmartBanq owners. You can decide whether to keep the SmartBanqCoin (SMBQ) , use them to stay in any real estate Platform of the circuit or sell them to anyone you want.

Is SmartBanq safe?

It’s safe beyond any reasonable doubt for these reasons: • Software is controlled by an independent company. • The business model is sustainable and everything is planned from the beginning. This means that if delicate situations occur, our experts are ready to deal with them. • Team are paid in SmartBanq, so they have one more reason to achieve common goals

Where can i buy SMBQ?

Only in this website. PLEASE do not buy them anywhere else until further communication. Authorized channels will be published on this website

How can I Buy SMBQ?

You can buy SMBQ through bank transfer in Euros, British pounds or American dollars. The details for the bank transfer on this website. You can also buy through different cryptocurrencies.

How are the collected funds used?

The collected funds will be sent to a “Decicated” account that can only be used to increase real estate properties that guarantee the SMBQ and for the related expenses

How SmartBanq make profit?

SmartBanq company gain is derived from the management of rented properties, as well as from the SMBQ appreciation

What can I do with SmartBanqCoin?

There are currently two methods where you can use SmartBanqCoin : • Keep them and wait for the moment to sell them at a higher price; • Earn money through the profits coming from the sales and rental of the real estate properties.

How much will SmartBanqCoin appreciate?

All assets, including gold and other cryptocurrencies, appreciate as demand increases or supply decreases. This rule also applies to SmartBanq, and in our case, we also add appreciation, rent and use of the real estate properties. For SmartBanqCoin we prudently estimate an appreciation of 100% in the first year, in addition to the performance of the real estate properties

Inflation or Deflation?

Inflation is kept under control, in fact the SmartBanq will be placed on the market only at the current price and only when they are backed by real estate. If deflation occurs, we will issue new SmartBanqCoin at current market value, this will increase and consolidate the minimum value of all SmartBanqCoin, even those purchased at a lower price. For more information on this topic see the (indirizzo white paper)

What’s the plan for the future?

After the real estate operations in Canary islands, we will expand into other real estate markets in other major markets (check and see in the Whitepaper). Our risk management specialists are constantly working to identify the best markets to invest in, so as to diversify and minimize risk.

What is KYC? Do I have to go through it?

KYC (Know Your Customer) is a process of verification that we use in partnership with a 3rd party provider to ensure that all contributors are legally able to participate. Everyone who contributes will have to go through this process. This process will include collecting personal information such as your name, address, date of birth, government issued ID and/or other information as needed, and checking this information for accuracy and against various sanction lists. Your SMBQ tokens will NOT be available without a successful KYC check. If you have any questions about this process, please contact us.

Where is SmartBanq company?

Smart Banq Limited is incorporated in London, UK, the operating office in London and its subsidiaries buy real estate properties in the countries of competence. Check out the information of SmartBanq Limited on the official British Government website : www.companyHouse.gov.uk

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